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Ask DLS: how to change your Download Squad password, the best Android web browser, and tailoring our RSS feeds

We're back with more of your questions, and more of our excellent answers.

This week, with the high-profile Gawker Media hack, we've been innundated with commenters asking how to change their Download Squad password. Now, it's not the easiest thing in the world, and yes, we know our commenting system isn't the best in the world (and we know there are still a few 'Easter eggs' from the Switched merger; they'll be ironed out soon, I promise) -- so if you're struggling to change your password, follow these simple steps:
  • Make sure you're logged in -- the only way to do this (at the moment) is to leave a comment on a post (any post will do!)
  • Find one of your comments -- the comment you just made will work just fine
  • Click your name -- it's a link to your profile page (it will look something like this). Marvel at your huge post counts!
  • Type your old password, and confirm a new password -- hit Change Password and you're done!

Q: I don't really want to download and try four different browsers. Which is the absolute best: Skyfire, Dolphin Mini, Dolphin HD or Opera?
- Chris

A: I'm afraid this is a simple question that doesn't have a simple answer. To rank a browser as the "absolute best", you'd have to take into account both UI and performance, which are two distinctly different categories, with UI being quite subjective and performance being very tricky to benchmark due to varying network conditions.

Having said that, Opera and Dolphin Mini are our favorites.

Q: I have noticed over the last few months that the number of articles regarding phone applications has soared, and of course, given the market, that makes sense! However, there are many people like myself who don't own a smartphone, yet we find ourselves wading through tons of smartphone-related articles to find the PC software and tech information.

Is there any chance you might consider splitting the site into two sections: one for PC, and one for mobile? I very much enjoy reading reading the articles and look forward to reading them every day.

- Rob

A: Thanks for the input. We're aware of the growing amount of smartphone coverage -- and as you say, it makes sense. The market is growing so quickly that it's impossible for us to ignore.

We like to think that we still cover just as much desktop PC stuff, though!

The best solution I can think of is to play with our RSS feeds. Perhaps subscribe to our Windows feed, or OS X feed. All of the mobile stuff should be properly tagged as such, so you should be able to avoid it if necessary.

Lee actually wrote a complete guide on using our RSS feeds, which is well worth checking out, too.

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