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Apple's iAd Producer is a Mac studio for creating iAds

Apple's aptly-named new iAd Producer for OS X is the Mac app behind the iOS ads. You can use iAd Producer to create and animate your own iAds using a graphical interface that automatically handles all the heavy HTML, CSS, and JavaScript lifting for you. You can also switch to Advanced Mode if you prefer to debug your own JavaScript, or if you want to take advantage of iAd Producer's extensions, which let you reuse your own templates and components.

Speaking of templates and components, Apple has thrown in a selection of pre-built animations and effects, as well as Apple-style buttons, sliders, and other interface elements. iAd Producer also comes with an iOS 4 simulator, so you can see (roughly) what your finished ad would look like on various iOS devices. Live testing over your carrier network is also available, but only to existing iAd customers. The app is available for free in the iOS Dev Center, provided you're a paid member of the Apple Developer Program.

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