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Instagram update adds two new filters and eight new languages

InstagramInstagram seems all the rage at the moment, taking the social sharing of photos in new and interesting ways. But Burbn, Inc, the company behind Instagram, isn't sitting on its laurels, actively refining and adding features to the app and service. The latest update released today brings with it two new photo filters, 'Sutro' and 'Toaster' with the later seemingly named after the dog of the popular tech personality and Digg founder Kevin Rose. If that wasn't enough to wet your whistle, Burbn have also added eight new languages to Instagram, with Japanese, German, Russian, French, Chinese (both traditional and simplified), Italian, and Spanish all making the cut. So if you're a non-native English speaker, hopefully now you can get to grips with Instagram in your mother tongue should you so wish.

Burbn is also pushing performance increases into Instagram, a welcome addition especially for those using an original iPhone or 3G (yes, they're all supported unlike many other newer apps). Long comment threads are now collapsed by default as well and can be accessed through a longer comment thread screen, removing the constant scrolling from your regular photo stream. The social media side of Instagram has also gotten a boost with a Twitter-esque 'Suggested Users' list, which you're supplied with when you first sign up for the service or when you use the 'Find More Friends' tool. Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom told TechCrunch "that the feature is partially algorithmic, based on your location and language" and that "going forward they hope to make it much more algorithmic and less about them selecting people."

You'll be sure to see Sutro and Toaster-made photos showing up in your Twitter stream in the near future, but if you've been sitting on the sidelines and want to check out the app for yourself, grab it free from the App Store.

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