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Fiabee releases companion apps to share, sync files between Chrome and Android

Fiabee is a relative newcomer to the cloud-to-mobile storage game, having only released its iOS app [iTunes link] back in June. The company has now begun focusing on Google's platforms and has made beta versions of the Fiabee app available for Android devices and Google Chrome.

The Fiabee Chrome app is no bookmark -- it's an extension app (all its HTML, JavaScript, CSS, images, and fonts are stored on your system) that provides a much different experience from the Fiabee website. Install the app and create an account, and you're given 1GB of cloud storage which you can use to share files from your desktop Chrome browser to your Android handset. Open your favorite file management app, find the file you want to upload, and then drag it on to the appropriate drop zone -- the blue box saves it to your cloud storage, while the green box takes the additional step of notifying your Android device that a new transfer is available.

Fiabee for Chrome is pure HTML5, but while drag-to-upload is supported there's no Gmailesque drag-to-download -- which would be a nice addition. Files must be downloaded individually by clicking the down arrow that appears when you hover over its icon or thumbnail. Built-in Google Docs Viewer support is an excellent feature, with the viewer appearing inline when you click on a supported file (such as a PDF or Word document). Fiabee also integrates into the Android share menu for easy uploading from just about any other app on your device.

While Fiabee refers to itself as a sync app, it's not really fair to call it that just yet. At the moment, all that you really push to your phone is a notification. You'll need to open the Fiabee app head to its transfers screen to manually download files. On their website, Fiabee does list Windows under its "works with" section, but no full-fledged, desktop sync program has been made available yet. Nevertheless, it's definitely handy at times to be able to download a file and drag it right from Chrome's download bar up to the Fiabee drop zones for easy access on the go.

Check out the gallery for a closer look at Fiabee, then take the Chrome/Android one-two punch for a spin.

Fiabee for Chrome and Android

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