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Kindle for Android updated with integrated store, zoom, move to SD and more

Our good friends over at Engadget report that a new version of Kindle for Android is now out. Here's what's new:
  • The volume buttons can now be used to turn pages. This isn't touted as a major change, but it's actually very handy.
  • There's an in-app store just like on the 'real' Kindle. It's very mobile friendly, and offers books and subscriptions for newspapers and magazines. Just what you'd expect, basically.
  • SD card support: The app can now be moved to SD with no hackery involved.
  • Chapter titles are now shown on the status bar. That's actually the top part of the status bar; not all books have this enabled, as the screenshot to the right of Food Rules shows, due to their small size, but further testing with larger books such as Seth Godin's Linchpin did work.
  • Other updates: Social network sharing, graphics zoom, and bug fixes.
All in all, a worthy update. You can find the QR after the jump.

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