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Best Wallpapers for Android helps you get some holiday cheer on your home screen

Swiss Codemonkeys are best known as the guys behind the awesome AppBrain website/Android application, which is the de-facto Market for Android (since Google doesn't maintain a Market you can access from the PC). So when I noticed Swiss Codemonkeys has an app called Best Wallpapers, I felt compelled to give it a shot.

It's a very straightforward app; you get a list of categories, including Recently Popular, All Time Popular, Nature, Babes (yes, it has babes, but they appear to be mostly clothed) and a whole bunch of other categories.

At this time of year, the Recently Popular category is chock full of Christmas goodness, which is where the "holiday cheer" comes in. If you're looking for great Christmas wallpapers for your Android device, you've just hit the jackpot.

Once you click into a wallpaper, you can either set it as you current wallpaper or just Favorite it. Favoriting a wallpaper downloads it onto your SD card, and you can then easily access your favorites and set a wallpaper instantly. This basically means you can trawl the gallery at your leisure, building your own catalog of wallpapers which you can then quickly flick between when you get tired of one.

Bottom line: Simple and well-made. And I like my new wallpaper with the cute puppet (top-left in the screenshot).

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