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Evernote 2.0 for Mac leaves beta, is ready to download

Evernote 2.0 for Mac in-app sharing
After having gone through a beta testing phase for around two weeks, Evernote 2.0 for Mac is now 'final' -- it's ready to be pushed to all users.

All the new features that the beta brought are in, including in-app sharing and notebook stacks, as described by Jay when the beta launched. As a result, you can now share notes without leaving the app, link notebooks, and organize notebooks via stacks of related content, which you can view or collapse as needed. The left panel has also been redesigned, file attachment has gotten easier, and you can now have up to 250 notebooks in your accounts.

Evernote's blog post has comprehensive information about all that's new in 2.0, and there's a new Getting Started guide as well, handy for those just starting using Evernote. All of the new features are on their way to Evernote apps for other platforms, although no specific time frame has been given as to when they'll actually make it.

Evernote 2.0 for Mac is free and you can get it by either checking for updates inside the app (if you already have an older version), or by clicking on this direct download link.

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