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Apple updates iBooks with folders and PDF printing and emailing, Canadian books are coming soon

iBooks 1.2 screenshotApple's iBooks has received an update today, pushing it to version 1.2. New in the app are a few features that have long been requested by iBooks fans.

First off, iBooks now has support for folders. These work in a similar fashion to iOS folders, only they're called 'Collections.' The two default collections are Books and PDFs. Of course, you can create your own, name them however you like, and move things around from one collection to another.

Also supported is emailing PDFs, as well as printing PDFs and notes from iBooks using Apple's AirPrint. Strangely enough, you still won't be able to print actual e-books -- just PDFs or annotations to books.

Rounding up the new feature additions are support for fully illustrated books (such as children's picture books) and more words per page being displayed, thanks to the addition of auto-hyphenation.

Also in iBooks-related news, the Canadian government has approved Apple's iBookstore. The iBookstore had been available in Canada prior to this, but did not have any Canadian works in it. Now that Apple and Canada have reached an agreement, expect Canadian books to show up in Apple's book store pretty soon.

iBooks 1.2 works on the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch with iOS 3.2 or newer installed.

Download iBooks 1.2 from the iTunes App Store

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