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AllMyApps is a sexy download store for Windows

The Mac App Store is coming next month, but Windows users have a similar store they can enjoy right now. AllMyApps has just launched in beta, and it's ready to help you find, install, and share loads of great free (and eventually paid) software.

Apps are grouped by category such as utilities, security, office, video, and communication and you'll find just about every must-have free Windows app you can imagine in the AllMyApps catalog. Favorites like Firefox, Chrome, Skype, Dropbox, 7-zip, and Microsoft Security Essentials are all there for the downloading. The only one of my core apps I found absent was Sugarsync -- all of my other required apps are listed.

Program detail pages include basic information about their functionality, screenshots, relevant tweets, and other useful tidbits like the app's current version, number of downloads, and file size.

AllMyApps' coolest feature is personalized lists. Create an account, sign in, and you can create as many software bundles as you like. Assemble your personal favorites for easy reinstallation on a new system or after a reformat. Put together a first aid kit for all those emergency calls from panicy friends and family in need or your IT know-how. Make as many as you like, and AllMyApps will tuck them away for easy retrieval in the future. As does any good Web 2.0 app, AllMyApps allows you to easily share lists via Facebook and Twitter. You can also generate embeddable widgets -- complete with each apps' icon and an 'install all' link.

You'll need to install the AllMyApps desktop client in order to get the install ball rolling, but it's tiny, uses barely any resources, and is also totally free.

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