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QuickDesk is a great quick-launch tool for Android

There are quite a few homescreen app launchers for Android; the best-known ones, ADW and LauncherPro, are very powerful but tend to be a tad on the chunky side. When you're in the middle of doing something and need to quickly switch to another task, you may not always like to go via your cluttered homescreen.

Enter QuickDesk: this quick utility is basically like a single homescreen page, with widget support and all. But when you launch it, it pops up as an overlay on top of what you're doing. The screenshot to the right shows QuickDesk running on top of a browser session, for example, but you could run it from any application; all it takes is a quick double-tap of the Home button (or even a single tap, with a double-tap to launch your "regular" launcher app). Those indicators you see next to PicMe, Phone and the other apps means they're currently running in the background.

Within QuickDesk, you get single-tap access to your most frequent applications and widgets. For example, I placed the power management widget there so I can quickly switch Wi-Fi off from any app – useful when I'm out and about, in the middle of something, and suddenly realize Wi-Fi is on and sucking battery power.

QuickDesk also features an "app drawer" of sorts, showing your most recently used applications. I personally disabled that feature (that's why you don't see it in the screenshot) because I feel the implementation clashes with the homescreen design – when the app drawer is open, some of the homescreen slides "up" and out of view. Still, QuickDesk is an interesting launcher, and the free version doesn't appear crippled in any way. QR code is after the jump.

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