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Clementine music player gets better with Jamendo and IceCast support, smart playlists, and more

Clementine -- the upstart music player inspired by Amarok -- continues to mature into a very capable app. Recently, Clementine 0.6 was released and it added several nice new features.

For starters, Clementine now offers Jamendo and Icecast on its Internet listening tab. With thousands of Icecast streams to choose from and Jamendo's massive catalog of music (which is available everywhere in the world), you've got plenty of back-up for those times when you're a little bored with your personal library. The first time you access the Jamendo library it will take Clementine a little while to parse it, but it's well worth the wait.

The artist info tab now pulls information from a variety of sources and includes biographies, artist tags, and photos. Clementine also lets you zoom images and save them to your desktop. Clementine's sidebar now offers more customization options, and there's a new kitten plug-in in case you grew weary of the Hypnotoad. Perhaps the best addition to the new version, however, is the option to create smart and dynamic playlists from the songs in your library.

Clementine has come a long way since we first looked at it, and it's become an excellent, cross-platform music player.

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