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Binary Turf now offers Windows-optimized builds of 64-bit Firefox 4

Want to squeeze a little extra performance out of Firefox 4 on your Windows machine? Take a look at the builds from Binary Turf, which are optimized for Windows -- and now available in a glorious 64-bit version. I've been running their Firefox 4.0b7 remix all morning, and it definitely feels a bit faster than the current nightly from Mozilla. That could certainly be the placebo effect at work, but a quick run through the usual Web benchmarks (Sunspider, V8) did show modest gains.

If you decide to take a "blazing fast" build for a test drive, you might also want to install the 64-bit Flash plug-in. Firefox's internal plug-in finder won't be able to locate it, so download Flash Square 64-bit manually before you start browsing.

Download Windows-optimized Firefox builds

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