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Twitter Tuesday: Twitter's year in review, top trends, and most powerful tweets

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Hello again, Twitter fans! 2010 is drawing to a close, and the folks at Twitter are taking a look back at the way the site has been used this year by analyzing the 25 billion(!) tweets that were sent in 2010. They've picked out the top 10 trends, top 10 hashtags, and even the most powerful individual tweets. This week, let's review Twitter's 2010 before we jump into talking about apps and services.

First Up, Top Trends!

The largest ecological disaster in American history, the BP Gulf Oil Spill, edged out the world's largest sporting event, the FIFA World Cup, for top trend of the year. The oil spill had a global impact, but you'd expect mostly American tweets about it, so it's quite astounding that it was more discussed than the World Cup, which has fans in every country Twitter reaches. Other World-Cup related trends made the list, though, with vuvuzela (the annoying plastic World Cup horn) at #5 and Pulpo Paul (the octopus who predicted the World Cup results) at #10.

Inception, at #3, was the most talked-about movie of the year, while Justin Bieber ranked as the most-discussed person, at #8. In tech, Apple's iPad (#5) beat out Google's Android mobile OS (#6). You can check out the entire list at Twitter's 2010 trends page.
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Ten Most Powerful Tweets of 2010

Sometimes a little tweet can make a big real-world difference. Whether it's a journalist tweeting to the US Air Force to get Doctors Without Borders into Haiti for earthquake relief or a BP spoof account skewering the company for causing a huge oil spill, these tweets had an impact in 2010. My favorite? Jonathan Schwartz quitting Sun Microsystems via Twitter.

Check out Twitter's whole Most Powerful list on their 2010 trends page.

TweetDeck is the Top Chrome Web App

The top app in Google's new Chrome Web Store is a Twitter client! TweetDeck has risen past Google's own Gmail, Docs and Calendar to take the top spot on Chrome's "Most Popular" list. It's showing 90,117 users and 102,541 weekly installs as I write this, and the store has only been open for one week. I wonder how many of those users are new to TweetDeck, and how many were already using it on other platforms.

Trickle is a Beautiful "Passive Twitter Client" for iPhone and iPad

If you want to turn your iPhone or iPad into a slick scrolling tweet display screen, Trickle is an awesome way to do it. This "passive Twitter client" isn't for posting, and it doesn't require you to scroll or manually refresh to see new tweets. It just shows you your stream, one tweet at a time, in a continuous trickle (hence the name). Trickle is definitely not meant to replace your regular, full-featured Twitter client, but it's something cool to put up your iPad in the office while you're not using it. (Oh, and it uses Helvetica, of course.)

Twidroyd Twitter App for Android: Now Ad-Free and With Custom Themes!

Download Squad's own Vlad Bobleanta has the scoop on the latest update to one of the best Android Twitter clients. Looks like the free version of Twidroyd is giving even paid Twitter apps a run for their money. Considering how disappointing Twitter's official client for Android is, it's good that there's an alternative.

... and that's Twitter Tuesday for this week! In keeping with the year-in-review theme, leave me a comment with your favorite Twitter app or service of the year. See you next week!

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