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The Humble Indie Bundle is back, with Braid, Machinarium, and a real-time counter

Humble Indie Bundle #2
The most excellent Humble Indie Bundle is back, and yet again five excellent games are available at any price you choose. This year, Braid, Machinarium, Cortex Command, Osmos and Revenge of the Titans are part of the bundle -- and again, a percentage of every donation goes to the EFF and Child's Play charities. All five games work on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The site itself has been significantly overhauled, too. At the top, there's a 'buzz bar', showing all of the recent tweets. There's also a real-time counter that ticks up every time a purchase is made -- and I'm glad to say that since I've started writing, it's moved quickly, from 1500 to over 3000!

Most importantly, because you can pay whatever you like for the bundle, there's now a bunch of sliders that control what percentage of your donation goes to each group. You can give all of the money to the game developers, or every last cent to charity -- but the default is a 66/33 split.

The games, if bought separately, would cost around $85... so while you could get all five games for free, consider giving a few dollars at least. If you can't afford one of the five Steam games in our holiday gift guide, the Humble Indie Bundle would make a great gift, too.

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