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No Lock for Android disables "slide to unlock" keyguard


My Android device has a tiny power button, and it's usually in a holster. Really, what are the odds of me turning it on accidentally?

If you purchased previously reviewed power-tool Tasker, you can use it to selectively disable the slide to unlock feature, amongst the myriad of other things it can do.

However, if you didn't purchase Tasker, or are just looking for a quick and free solution, No Lock might be right up your alley.

This no-frills app presents a huge button you can press to toggle the keyguard. When the keyguard is off, you need only press the power button on your device to start interacting with it – no sliding involved.

There's also a handy 1x1 widget you can put on your homescreen and tap whenever you want to toggle the keyguard. The only feature I wish it had is a "dual button" unlock, whereby I can press the power button and then the camera button to unlock; I think that could definitely keep me from switching the device on accidentally. Still, for most cases, No Lock gets the job done. You can find its QR code after the jump.

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