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WordPress introduces new HTML5 sandbox theme, calls out to CSS artists

WordPress HTML5 Toolbox theme
By now, I hope you've felt the early rumblings of an HTML5 revolution. It's still early days, however; most HTML5 sites are tests, or niche Web apps that only a small fraction of surfers will use. What HTML5 really needs is a huge, pipe-hitting champion; a website that grabs HTML5 by the gonads and slams it down front and center. A champion such as WordPress, for example, which has just released a rather lovely HTML5 theme for both blogs, and self-hosted solutions.

Like the HTML4 'Sandbox' theme, this new theme, called Toolbox, is a semantic, clean-slate dream. You can leap right in and design a new theme just by modifying the CSS, while making the most of new HTML5 tags like article and header. Take a look at the Toolbox test site and, if you're a blogger, you'll certainly conjure up some cool custom creations. If you're already adept at the art of CSS artistry, you know what to do; and if you've never played with CSS, now's the time to learn! users will need the Custom CSS Upgrade to make the most of the Toolbox theme, while self-hosted users can leap right in and install the Toolbox theme.

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