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Google Latitude for iPhone finally lands in the App Store

Google Latitude iPhone app
Well that didn't take long -- Google's Latitude iPhone app has finally landed on the iOS platform after being stuck in App Store approval limbo for about a year and a half. It made a false start last week, but now at version (yep, it's been in development for that long) seems like it's here to stay. The app itself requires iOS 4 or later, and looks like it's limited to the iPhone 3Gs or newer, at least for background location updating, which is about the only feature the old Latitude Web app couldn't pull off.

Google Latitude for iPhone

Just in case you aren't familiar with Google Latitude, it's an app and website service that tracks your position on a Google map. You can share your location with just friends, or the whole world, and adjust the level of detail people can see from pin-point to city-level sharing. While Latitude certainly hasn't reached critical mass with smartphone users, it's a great solution for sharing your location with friends on the off-chance that you're in the same vicinity and want to meet up. Then again, you could always just talk to your friends to find out when they'll next be near you, but who doesn't want an app for that?

Google Latitude [iTunes] - Free

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