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AppJump Launcher is a handy, drop-down launcher for your Google Chrome Apps

The Chrome Web Store is finally here, and many of you probably have a handful of apps installed -- if for no other reason than a little eye candy on your new tab page. If you'd prefer a way to launch your apps that offers a bit more convenience and customization, check out the AppJump Launcher extension.

In addition to adding a handy drop-down panel from which you can launch your Chrome Apps, AppJump also allows you to create groups, which lets you categorize things for quick drill-down access -- which will be very useful once you've accumulated a few dozen apps.

One feature which is missing from AppJump is drag-to-reorder (which is also missing from the Chrome new tab page). I'd love to be able to move my apps around and sort them however I choose, but for right now you're stuck with whatever layout AppJump displays.

Install AppJump Launcher for Google Chrome

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