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Web app tracks Google Cr-48 Chrome OS netbooks as they're shipped, prolongs hope for masses

There's no shortage of people wondering if they'll soon be receiving one of Google's much-anticipated Cr-48 netbooks, so it's no surprise that something like this would pop up. The Cr-48 Shipping Tracker is a rather aptly-named and extremely spartan web app that does exactly what it sounds like -- it tracks the shipments of experimental Chrome OS laptops as they're shipped out.

Once you enter your city and state, the tracker returns a list of shipments, the date shipped, an ETA or date delivered, and whether it was shipped ground or overnight. All shipments thus far seem to be using UPS, and the tracking information given by the tracker corresponds to a list of tracking numbers from the most recent shipment (believed to be the third of many) that was linked to in a tweet by a known Android developer. If there is tracking information available in the UPS system, which this tracker seems to be using for its queries, then each shipment has a Zip Code attached to it, and is linked to its own UPS tracking page. Technically, one could call UPS with the tracking number found on that page and ask to verify the name waiting for the package, but some may prefer to keep the mystery alive and just wait for the delivery day to come.

Like me! At the moment, there are 69 shipments that have either already been delivered, or are still in transit to the greater Seattle area, with only one headed for my very small section of the city. Come next Thursday, I'll probably be posted up in front of the building, waiting for a big brown truck that will probably drive past me on its way to deliver a Cr-48 to somebody else.

Via Hacker News.

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