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Chrome Web Store needs to list geo-restrictions

Now that it has finally launched, it's been a lot of fun playing with the apps available in the Chrome Web Store. There is, however, one pretty big annoyance that I'd like to see rectified. Right now, there's no way to tell whether or not certain apps will work in your country -- like MOG.

There's nothing in the Web Store description for MOG that it's U.S. only, and there's no note in the sidebar where Google displays the version number, language, and payment details. If I see the MOG app and the install button on my screen, I'm going to assume that I can install -- and use it -- in Google Chrome. I gave it a go just to see what would happen, and I wasn't really surprised when MOG didn't work.

Still, for the less-savvy Chrome user who winds up in the Web Store after seeing the shiny icon on his or her new tab page, it's going to be quite frustrating. There will likely be a lot more comments posted like the ones you see on MOG: "A warning would be nice." "You should tell us it's only available in a few areas."

So how about it, Google? Let's start making sure that Chrome Web App developers list any geo-restrictions.

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