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YouTube app for Symbian now plays higher quality video and supports new devices

YouTube 2.4.10 for Symbian screenshot
The official, Google-made YouTube app for Symbian has received an update that takes it to version 2.4.10 and brings a few notable improvements compared to previous iterations. First off, devices running the new Symbian OS are finally supported -- meaning that you can run this app on a Nokia N8, C7, C6-01, or even E7 when that becomes available.

Also in are higher quality videos, where the source material permits it. Android has had the capability for a while now, and it's been a very long time coming for Symbian devices, although it still seems that even the highest quality videos on Symbian are lower quality than those played in 'HQ' on Android. Baby steps, apparently.

You can also sign in with your Google/YouTube account and use Favorites and other account-specific features.

To download YouTube 2.4.10 for Symbian, point your device's integrated web browser to and, naturally, choose YouTube. It's a 2.5 MB download, and will update any previous version that you have installed. It is available for all Symbian devices.

[The Android YouTube app has also been recently updated. -Ed]

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