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Send hilarious, personalized Santa messages with Google Voice

Send a call from Santa
Ho ho ho! I remember, when I was 8, Santa called my father's mobile phone. He had a message for me, and it blew my mind. A few years later, my dad told me it was his best friend, and he had bought a new SIM card just so I couldn't trace the number! Ah, the lengths adults go to preserve the magic of Santa Claus.

Today, things just got a whole lot easier. If you want to create a personalized message for a (younger) special someone, there's the Google Voice-powered Send A Personalized Call From Santa. There are hundreds of options to choose from -- more than enough to convince the recipient that it's a message just for them -- and most of them are hilarious. Once you're done, you can send it as a phone call (in the US only, alas), by email, or simply grab a URL.

Check out my message from Santa if you want to hear a sample of what this piece of awesomeness can produce. I love how it correctly synthesizes my name.

If you don't have someone to send a Santa message to, please give the link to any friends and family that do have children. This is the kind of thing that makes the festive season truly memorable.

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