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Gmail app for Android 2.2 gets improved Priority Inbox and compose tweaks

Gmail 2.3.2 for Android screenshotThe official Gmail app for Android has received its second update since it has been decoupled from the underlying operating system back in September. Today's update brings the app up to version 2.3.2, and with it comes improved support for Priority Inbox.

There's now a dedicated Priority Inbox view (as seen in the screenshot to the right), which includes all the important messages in your Inbox, both read and unread. You can now mark conversations as important or not important from within the app. The same markers that show whether a message is important or not in the Web version of Gmail are present in the app. Notifications can now be set to go off only when you receive important mail.

Switching between inboxes or labels is now accomplished via a tap on the current label or inbox. Composing messages has also become a bit easier, with added support for on-the-fly switching between replying, replying to all and forwarding, and the ability to send email from any address you've configured in the Web version of Gmail and not just your primary email address. And finally, you can now respond to messages inline.

Gmail for Android 2.3.2 is a free download from the Android Market for devices running Android 2.2 or newer. The app is available in the countries listed here, and the QR Code is after the break -- in case you've yet to install Gmail on your Droid.

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