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Buildor Pro Web-authoring tool invites 300 Download Squad readers to early beta


Buildor Pro is a fantastic authoring tool for Web developers. It lets you inspect and tweak each element on an existing page -- much like Firebug, in a way, but not exactly. You can also use it to create entirely new designs and very quick mock-ups. What's interesting about it is that it manages to be browser-based and visual at the same time. Of course, coders don't always like to do everything visually, so Buildor Pro also lets you enter your markup directly and see it in real-time on the page.

Rather than wax poetic about the application, I've decided to show you an 8-minute video by James Law, Buildor Pro's creator. In the video you can watch James use Download Squad's new look as a template and add on new content. But that's not all: Buildor Pro extended an invitation to the closed beta for the first 300 Download Squad readers who use this link to sign up!

If you do any sort of Web development work, Buildor Pro is definitely worth a look.

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