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Use the Android 2.3 Gingerbread Launcher on your Froyo device

While you may not want to hack your Froyo smartphone to install the semi-wonky Gingerbread keyboard, there's a much more tame mod you can now download directly from the Android Market. MoDaCo's Paul O'Brien -- who did a stint here at Download Squad -- has released the Gingerbread Launcher.

It's a snap to install; just grab the Launcher from the Market (the QR code is after the break), install it, and then tap your home button. You can then choose to make the Gingerbread Launcher the default action.

Paul says the Launcher is "kinda obese," but promises to trim it down to size in a future update. If you've got a little room to spare on your device, go ahead and load it up. So far on my HTC Incredible it's been bug free and looks pretty darn snazzy.

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