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Firefox 4 Awesome Bar gets a bit of Googleesque 'Instant' magic

Mozilla Labs Prospector, Instant Preview
Muddying the waters with yet another 'Instant' product, and with only one letter differentiating it from one of Google's new features, Mozilla Labs has just launched the next step in the Prospector experiment: Instant Preview. Now, as you scroll through possible results in your Awesome Bar, the target page will begin to load. Instead of having to guess if it's the right page, you'll be able to glance down and check... instantly!

Mozilla Labs points out that you can also use it for 'temporal' information, such as weather and stocks news, or a Web comic. Type the first two letters of your favorite comic into the Awesome Bar, and the comic automatically loads. Read it, then simply press Esc and the Web page you were looking at before instantly re-appears.

Of course, you could use the same technique to check Download Squad regularly, too.

Download Prospector - Instant Preview add-on (only for Firefox 4)

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