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Google's YouTube uploads confirm Chrome OS, Web Store launch today

It's no secret Google has a big announcement scheduled for 10:30 Pacific time today, and we already nearly certain that they would announce two major launches: Chrome OS and the Chrome Web Store. If there was any doubt left in your mind, the Google OS blog has snagged a handful of additional evidence.

The official Google Chrome YouTube channel has been busy in the wee hours, uploading two new demo videos -- one for Chrome OS and one for the Web Store. The videos aren't publicly available just yet, so you'll have to let the trio of static images whet your appetite for now (take the jump for the other two captures).

For now, you may commence thumb-twiddling... or, you know, do something productive instead. Your call.

Chrome OS Tour (for a closer look, check out Sebastian's hands-on with Chromium OS)

Chrome Web Store Demo

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