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Conversations add-on brings a Gmail-like experience to your Thunderbird 3.3 inbox

Mozilla Thunderbird 3.3 (Miramar) is shaping up to be a pretty significant upgrade to the open-source email app. One thing I always find myself wishing for, however, is conversation view. I've been using Gmail for years now, and conversations have become part of the way I work.

A new add-on from Mozilla Labs brings a richer threaded view to Miramar. Once installed, clicking a collapsed thread in your inbox causes the entire conversation to load in Thunderbird's reading pane. Unread messages are expanded and those you've previously read are collapsed -- just like Gmail. Buttons are also added to reading pane which allow you to expand or collapse all messages or pop the conversation out into a new tab.

Check out Mozilla's demo video after the break to see Conversations at work, or download the necessary bits and give it a go yourself!

Download Mozilla Thunderbird 3.3 alpha

Download the Thunderbird Conversations add-on

Thunderbird Conversations from Mozilla Messaging on Vimeo.

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