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Chrome Web Store: screenshot tour of Google's web app marketplace

Part of Google's "nothing but the web" Chrome OS is the Chrome Web Store, a place to buy web apps that run in-browser. Everything from games to productivity apps to social media clients is on offer in the Web Store. The other side of the equation is that developers now have a way to get paid for web apps, which should help to encourage more and better web apps in the future.

It's not like the current crop is shabby, either, though. The Web Store is launching with familiar apps like Twitter client Tweetdeck and Popcap's popular tower-defense style game, Plants vs. Zombies. There's also Flixster, eBay, the New York Times ... well, you get the idea. Brand-name apps by the hundreds are already available at launch. It's not just apps, either: the Web Store is a one-stop shop for themes and extensions, too.

For a little help navigating this brave new world of web apps, check out our screenshot tour.

Google Chrome Web Apps -- Web Store Launch

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