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Sharkzapper for Google Chrome is a remote control for the new Grooveshark

You can still opt-in to the old, Flash-powered Grooveshark if you like, but I'm rather enjoying the new HTMLified version. There is, however, one piece of the puzzle missing by default: the ability to control Grooveshark without tabbing back to the Web player.

Sharkzapper for Chrome, however, is up to the task. Install the extension, and you've got drop-down control to skip forward or back, pause, and resume playback of your Grooveshark tunes. You can also adjust volume, add the current track to your library, like it, and search for other tracks to play. With a developer version of Chrome I couldn't see the text I typed in to the search box, but my Grooveshark tab came to the front and displayed results for Bloodhound Gang anyway.

Install Sharkzapper for Google Chrome

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