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Mac App Store to launch on December 13?

Mac App Store
Back in October, when Apple officially announced the Mac App Store, the only thing we've heard about an actual release date was "in 90 days". But today a source has told Appletell that the official opening of the Mac App Store will take place on December 13, exactly one week from now and much sooner than Apple has led everyone to believe. Apparently, Steve Jobs is personally pushing for a release before the holidays, and he may have wanted the launch to happen even sooner.

Apple has reportedly told developers to have their software ready by Monday, December 6 (that's today!), but it's unclear whether that has actually happened.

This is all according to one source, so do take it with a pinch of salt. A rush to get the App Store onto Macs before the holidays would, however, be understandable -- after all the holiday season is the shopping season, whether you're shopping for software or not. One way or the other, we shall find out if this rumor pans out by this time next week.

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