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Holy unspeakable awesomeness, Batman! It's Robinisms for Android!

There are a few things that would make every day that much more awesome. For some, it might be a Peter Griffin-style soundtrack following you around... or perhaps a personal sidekick who could chime in with memorable catchphrases like Burt Ward used to do on the classic Batman series. Yes, Robin was quite the wordsmith, slinging gems like "Holy atomic pile, Batman!"

If you've got an Android smartphone, you can take the golden-tongued Robin with you wherever you go -- thanks to Robinisms! Launch the app and tell Robin to speak, and Robinisms generates sidekick banter from its grab bag of verbage.

Now all we need is an augmented reality app which adds "Bang!" and "Kerrrrang!" balloons next to people's faces in real time...

Holy QR codes, Batman! Scan the image after the break to install!

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