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Dropbox prepares to leave beta with version 1.0 release candidate

Dropbox hits 1.0Dropbox, with a bunch of minor bug fixes, has now been bumped from version 0.8 to 1.0 and garnered the exciting 'RC' tag. This means the developers think that Dropbox is ready for prime time -- though given its massive publicity drive, and a huge numbers of users, I think this is more of an 'exhibition release' than anything else.

Due to a bug in the upgrade process, Linux and Mac OS X users who are running version 0.7 should not upgrade to 1.0 -- instead, you should wait for the next release candidate (and no ETA for the second RC is given, I'm afraid).

According to the changelog, very little has changed with version 1.0. Some little niggles have been ironed out, but that's about it. The only visible change, it seems, is to the tutorial tour -- but if want to try it out, you have to unlink and re-link your Dropbox account from Preferences.

[Did anyone else know that Dropbox was a beta service? I had no idea...]

Download Dropbox 1.0 RC1 for Windows

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