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LimeWire throws in the towel, shutters their Music Store

Napster, the venerable grandfather of music downloading apps, staged somewhat of an amazing comeback a few years ago -- becoming a fully legal music service. If you were expecting the same from LimeWire after the recent kick-in-the-groin bestowed upon it by the RIAA, your hopes may have been officially dashed.

LimeWire has sent out a PR missive stating that they have been forced to shut down the fully-legal LimeWire Store. Most people I know who used LimeWire had no idea you could actually buy music using the app, though they seemed universally convinced that paying for the pro version meant all their P2P downloads were perfectly legit.

The store will close down for good on December 31, 2010 and is no longer accepting new customers. If you've got credits to spend, hurry up and do it. After the 31st, they're gone for good... and the poor little store never even got to shed its beta tag.

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