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A look at Grooveshark's massive HTML5 makeover

Grooveshark is somewhat of a house favorite here at Downloadsquad. It's one of the few music sites which isn't georestricted, which means Sebastian, Erez, Vlad, Sam and I can all enjoy the same music as our teammates in the U.S. This morning, I woke up to find a completely overhauled Grooveshark interface and there's one change which trumps all the visual tinkering: it's not built with Flash. The interface, at least, is pure HTML5 -- actual audio playback is still handled by the Flash plug-in.

This is Grooveshark's second big overhaul in three months. Erez walked you through the previous update back in September, and pretty much everything has now been changed. Take the jump to see more of the new Grooveshark at work!

Grooveshark goes (mostly) HTML5

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