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Mozilla adopts two real, live firefoxes, broadcasts live stream...

A firefox, or red panda
Yes, in a beautiful collision of cuddly adorableness and PR mastermindery, Mozilla has adopted two baby firefoxes. These cuties (which are actually pandas -- not foxes) were born at Knoxville Zoo, Tennessee, back in June, but as of today they're now part of the Mozilla community.

For the next few months, Mozilla will be broadcasting a live, 24-hour video stream of these two cuties. There are even six different angles to choose from (seriously -- I'm not making this up), and it's best to watch them at 9am, 12pm and 4pm EST, just after they've been fed. There's a video of them rolling about after the break.

Anyway, if watching very cute (but mostly inanimate) animals isn't really your kind of thing, you can also help Mozilla name them! Right now, in true soulless coder fashion, they're only known as "cub #1" and "cub #2" -- but if you hop over to the FirefoxLive site, you can suggest a name.

Over the following months, Mozilla plans to provide "more ways to interact with them". I'm intrigued and more than slightly concerned. Let's hope Mozilla Labs doesn't get involved...

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