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Google Cloud Picker centralizes access to all your Google uploads

google cloud picker
Accessing all the files you've uploaded to various Google services is a bit of a pain at the moment. Wouldn't it be nice if the Big G provided some sort of tool that provided simple, centralized access to everything from your YouTube videos to Picasa Web images?

Google thinks so, and that's precisely what Cloud Picker will do once you've got access to it. The image above was shared by a Blogger user, who saw Cloud Picker appear when trying to insert an image into a blog post. At the moment, Cloud Picker provides quick access to your Google Docs files, custom Google Maps creations, YouTube uploads, and photos stored on Picasa Web. It's not ready for use just yet, however -- a Google source told TechCrunch that "someone pushed some code too quickly."

Cloud Picker certainly will make cross-site work in our various Google Apps easier, but the name sure could use a little work...

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