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Ask DLS: Android antivirus, scanner issues and video games

Ask DLS: a panel of unlikely-looking expertsEvery morning, as Lee empties the mail bag onto my desk, we pore through cries of help that range from the utterly banal -- "how do i install iTuns???" -- through to truly taxing technical teasers. The fact is, though, no matter how simple the question is, how blatant the answer might be -- "google it!" -- we try to answer them. After all, a problem is a problem. If something prevents you from using your computer, it doesn't matter how complex it is to fix, you just want it to work!

It's been a long time since our last Ask DLS, but hopefully this is the beginning of a regular, recurring feature. You may also see a return of Tell DLS -- but for the time being, if you have any technical questions, use our feedback form.

To begin, here are three recent questions and answers.

Q: Well I need some help... A friend of mine bought the Samsung Galaxy S phone a week ago, now he wants a good free antivirus app for it. Any recommendations??

Thanks a ((million x billion) x trillion) times in advance!!

- Ahamed

A: Check out this review we did of a good, free antivirus for Android: Lookout Mobile Security.

Q: I am looking for an app I downloaded from Download Squad, but didn't keep. I don't remember the name and I can't find it in your archives. The app enables you to use a scanner with any computer via USB connection, but without installing the scanner's software. My older HP scanner is not supported in Vista, so this would be a great help. Hope you can help -- keep up the good work.
- David

A: I'm afraid I don't have good news.

Unfortunately, you still need drivers to make the scanner run in Vista before any software will be able to access it. In my experience, HP is one of the worst vendors as far as providing proper drivers for older hardware on Vista and Windows 7, so I don't know if there's anything you can do... short of replacing your scanner.

Q: I'm writing because I've searched in vain for a PC game migration tool you guys wrote about within the past year. I remember that it was a freeware app that not only transfered your installed games (I think), but your saved games and settings too. I'm not talking about Steam but an actual 3rd party tool. If you could give me a quick reminder it would be greatly appreciated!
- Patrick

You're looking for Game Save Manager!

Incidentally, if you're looking for something on Download Squad, head to Google and prefix your searches with -- it's a lot better than our built-in search box.

* * *
If you have any questions of your own, feel free to drop us a line. We can't promise to answer everything, but we'll do our best.

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