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Six infographics that illustrate the growth and power of cloud computing

Judging by these six infographics (shown after the break), we really ought to start covering more cloud computing news here on Download Squad. The IT world is converting -- at a break-neck pace -- to virtualized infrastructure. Given that cloud solutions are cheaper, faster and more secure than their desktop counterparts, it's not really a surprise.

Three of the Internet's largest hitters are now deeply entrenched in cloud computing: Amazon leads with EC2, Google is second with its App Engine, and Microsoft is moving quickly up with its Azure. With competition comes improved performance, features, and slashed prices -- and thus even more movement from standard servers to virtualized cloud solutions.

Anyway, I can waffle on and on about cloud computing, but the truth is... I don't know much about it. Chances are, most of you don't know much about it either. It's one of those buzzwords that is spewed incessantly by tech bloggers, but never really explained. These six infographics describe, in a nutshell, the benefits, growth and power of cloud computing. Given how cloud computing, over the next few years, will take over IT infrastructure, and thus the Web, they're well worth 10 minutes of your time.

The first is from Wikibon:

Now, a lovely one from GigaOM:

The next is from Cloudhypermarket:

Another one from Wibbon:

A final one from Webbon, which illustrates just how big this thing is getting:

And the last is from Zenoss:

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