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Fat32Formatter easily prepares external hard drives for use with your PS3

Setting up a new external hard drive for use with your PlayStation 3 should be a simple task. Maybe, however, when you plugged the drive into your Windows system and attempted to right-click and format it you only had two options: NTFS and exFAT, neither of which plays nice with your PlayStation.

While you could use diskpart to take care of things, not everyone enjoys command-line tinkering. And when there's an easy-to-use alternative like Fat32Formatter -- why bother? Download the sub-200Kb Zip file, extract Fat32Formatter, and fire it up. Select a physical drive from the dropdown menu, click a partition to format, and click the start button when ready. You may also want to check the quick format box -- unless you enjoy watching grass grow or paint dry.

Just in case our less-technical readers didn't see anything out of place in the screenshot, a reminder: C: is not really a drive you want to format.

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