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Evernote Mac Beta now has sharing and Notebook Stacks

Evernote Mac Beta
Mac users of Evernote, rejoice! Evernote 2.0 Beta for Mac is now available for download, and it includes two highly useful new features: sharing and Notebook Stacks. These new features will eventually hit Evernote on other platforms, but for right now they're Mac-only.

The in-app notebook sharing interface gives you fine control over who you share with, allowing you to make a notebook public, private or anything in between. The "shared" tab gives you a fast overview of who has access to each of your notebooks, and lets you manage the sharing permissions for each notebook individually. Premium users can also allow other people to edit their shared notebooks, which turns Evernote into a useful collaboration tool.

Evernote Beta

Notebook Stacks are like folders for notebooks. Finally, folks with tons of notebooks can sort them into categories, making them a lot easier to keep track of in the "accounts" tab. You can create a new stack by dragging and dropping one notebook onto another, and then drop other notebooks onto the stack to add them.

The left panel, where the new stacks and sharing features reside, also got a facelift. You can now resize sections of the panel by dragging their headers up and down, and customize sections by clicking the gear icon.

To get the new beta, you'll have to go to Evernote preferences, find the software update tab, and click on the "Update to Beta versions" checkbox. Then click "check for updates" to download the latest version of Evernote.

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