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DoubleTwist new AirSync brings wireless photo, music, and video sync to Android devices

DoubleTwist has been labeled 'iTunes for Android' for some time -- but the app's new AirSync feature gives it a leg up on the competition. Winamp can, of course, sync your music, but DoubleTwist has upped the ante by offering comprehensive media syncing over Wi-Fi connections. Music, photos, video -- DoubleTwist handles it all.

To enjoy AirSync, you'll need DoubleTwist installed on your Windows or Mac system and you'll also need the $4.99 Android App -- the QR Code is after the break. Once both apps are up and running, simply enter the passcode provided to start syncing. Your initial media sync can take quite a while, of course, and there have been reports of the process being a bit buggy.

Still, for cable-free synchronization of all your media between your computer and Android device, DoubleTwist and AirSync are a wicked one-two punch.

DoubleTwist with AirSync

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