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ChevronWP7, the Windows Phone 7 unlocking tool, has been axed

ChevronWP7 axedIn a rather unprecedented (but not unexpected) show of graciousness, the developers of ChevronWP7 have decided to cease all development of the tool. It has also been pulled from the site -- you can no longer download it.

The developers talked with Brandon Watson, Director of Windows Phone 7 Developer Experience, and emerged with the conclusion that Microsoft is amenable to official homebrew development on Windows Phone 7. ChevronWP7 was axed as a show of good faith -- to "fast-track discussions" as the ChevronWP7 developers put it.

While it's nice to think that ChevronWP7 single-handedly spurred Microsoft into action, I think it's more of a well-timed coincidence. Microsoft surely knows of the strength and loyalty of homebrew communities, and it would be silly to ignore a hotbed of developers that one day, if given the chance, might make a fortune on the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace.

I'd love to know if Microsoft actually leveled its legal might at the developers of ChevronWP7, or whether this was a purely amicable resolution. I've reached out to Long Zheng, one of the developers, for a comment; I'll let you know what he says. (Update: he says the conversation with Microsoft was "in good faith" -- presumably that means there was no legal muscle.)

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