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BlackBerry overtakes iOS in mobile internet usage in the US, iOS and Android tied in desirability

US mobile internet usage by OS
According to Web analytics company StatCounter, BlackBerry OS has overtaken iOS in mobile internet usage in the U.S. for the first time ever last month. StatCounter is basing its claims on aggregate data that it has collected on a sample of more than 15 billion page views per month (these, however, may not include traffic generated by mobile apps).

BlackBerry OS had a 'traffic share' of 34.3% compared to iOS' 33% last month. Very interesting is the fact that iOS' traffic share in the US was 51.9% in November of 2009. During the past year, Android's traffic share grew from 8.2% to 23.8%. If the current trends hold, Android and BlackBerry OS combined will probably generate twice the traffic that iOS will in the next year, StatCounter speculates.

Globally, things are very different. The leader is Symbian with 31.9%, followed by iOS with 21.9%, BlackBerry OS with 19.3% and Android with 11.6%.

Research firm Nielsen has also released some interesting mobile-related stats today. According to its data, in October, iOS was leading the battle for market share in the US with 27.9%, only slightly ahead of RIM's BlackBerry OS -- which came in second with 27.4%. Android was in third with 22.7%.

Nielsen also conducted research on the most desired mobile operating systems and came up with the following results: iOS leads in desirability for current smartphone owners, while Android is the most desired OS by featurephone owners.

And in case you were wondering, apparently women are more likely to go for an iPhone, and men are more likely to prefer Android. So there you have it -- science has spoken.

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