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Angry Birds Seasons out for Android and iOS today, free to Halloween users

Angry Birds Seasons
Rovio's highly anticipated Winter/Christmas-themed Angry Birds spin-off makes its debut today, for both Android and iOS. It has 25 new levels collectively called Season's Greedings, but the catch is that you can only play one level per day -- so they'll last you exactly until Christmas.

The Android version also comes bundled with the 45 Halloween levels that made up the Halloween special edition, which was only available for iOS. Speaking of which, Angry Birds Seasons is a free update to the iOS Halloween app.

It's also free for Android users, but, as usual on that platform, ad-supported. Rovio has said that it's working on a payment system that would finally enable Android device owners to get rid of the ads for a fee. Also coming to Android at some point in the near future is an option to make graphics lighter, so the game will behave better on older/underpowered hardware.

Angry Birds Seasons is available in the Android Market for free and should become available today in the iTunes App Store as a free update to Angry Birds Halloween.

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