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Winamp for Android beta with SHOUTcast integration and improved UI released

Winamp for Android, new betaA month after the release of its first beta, Nullsoft has just released the next beta version of Winamp for Android. The main new feature is SHOUTcast Internet radio integration, but there's also a host of yummy little changes. Your best bet is to click through the gallery -- but otherwise, read on.

For the most part, the SHOUTcast experience hasn't changed much since I looked at an alpha build a couple of weeks ago. It's a bit prettier, and it's now a lot easier to Favorite a station. Most importantly, SHOUTcast integration just works -- you search by genre, or keyword, and start listening to music within seconds.

On the smaller-but-still-juicy changes front, the main addition is integration with AOL Music. It's now just a matter of two clicks to see a band's discography, biography or photos. You can also pop open a Google search for your currently-playing song, if you're looking for a YouTube video, lyrics, or more information.

UI-wise, there's now a slimmer (4-by-1) home screen widget, which should be much easier to fit in between all of your app icons. The lock screen widget seems to be unchanged, however. Some icons have been altered, and there's a new context menu that lets you set songs as your phone's ring tone (very cool).

In other news, Winamp 5.6 for Windows has also been updated, with most of the changes targeted at improving its new Wi-Fi library sync feature.

[Download Squad and Nullsoft, the developers of Winamp, are both owned by AOL.]

Winamp for Android, beta 2 (0.9.2)

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