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Flock 3.5 upgrades to Chromium 7 even on Mac OS X

Flock 3.5
Clearly threatened by the recent competition put up by RockMelt, Flock has brought in both speed and security updates with a new Chromium 7 core. Even the maligned Mac OS X version of Flock has been blessed with a move from the old Gecko engine to the speedier WebKit-based Chromium. In the social stakes, Flock touts a 'one of a kind' sidebar full of networking and sharing goodness, with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn taking pride of place along with a bit of YouTube, Flickr and RSS for good measure.

The update certainly has brought speed to the Flock browsing experience, especially on the Mac, but that's not all Flock has been up to. As a direct result to the publicity and hype surrounding RockMelt, Flock has released a little chart (using Google Docs no less) comparing itself and the new upstart. If that wasn't enough, Flock has a cute little new video that explains what Flock does and clearly states that it is 'The Social Web Browser' -- check it out after the break, or jump to Flock to download the latest version of New Flock.

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