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First Windows Phone 7 update will "do what took Apple three years"

If you've got a Windows Phone 7 device, chances are good that it's missing a few key features that you'd really like to be using. Features like multitasking, copy and paste, turn-by-turn navigation, and support for custom ringtones. If we're to believe the excited chatter on Twitter lately, those features -- and more -- are coming in the January Windows Phone 7 update. Developer Tom Hounsell went so far as to say that Microsoft has managed to do in three months what took Apple three years.

While that might be true, it's a much different mobile sector than it was three years ago -- and for Windows Phone 7 to launch without those functions came as a bit of a surprise. Microsoft really needed to deliver much more quickly than Apple, since competing devices ship with that functionality right out of the box.

Several devs have promised screenshots of the Windows Phone 7 update later today, so we'll keep you posted. We're hoping the update adds a built-in method for taking screenshots. How about it, Microsoft?

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