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Google Chrome will soon get proper support for multiple user profiles

Google Chrome multiple profiles
According to a Chromium design document, Google Chrome is going to get proper support for multiple profiles at some point. Running multiple user profiles in Chrome has been possible, but it usually involves messing around with command line switches -- and even then, the options you get are rather limited.

The coming officially-sanctioned support for multiple profiles will allow the user to associate a profile with specific browser windows, making different windows able to run as different Chrome identities. Also coming is the ability to log in to Google accounts at the browser level. So you'll be able to have different windows open, each of them associated with a different Chrome profile and a different Google account. Each Chrome profile will naturally have its own independent set of preferences, apps, bookmarks, and so on.

Each Chrome window will show you which of your identities it's associated with. In Windows, this will happen using a colored and labeled menu-enabled tag at the top of the browser frame. In Mac OS X, where the browser frame is to small to accommodate this, an item will be added to the menu bar, with a special, colored background. Each individual identity will always be associated with the same color, to make it easier to, in time, remember which is which.

These features can't come soon enough and will be very useful for those who have multiple Google accounts and use all of them on a daily basis in Chrome.

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