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LastPass extension now available for Opera 11

lastpass opera 11
LastPass has been providing secure, accessible-anywhere storage for your endless collection of Web logins for quite some time. The LastPass bookmarklet works in any modern browser, but it's not quite as functional as the add-ons for Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Now, users of Opera 11 can enjoy the full LastPass experience, too!

Head on over to the Opera extensions site and install LastPass (Opera 11 required, of course). The experience is pretty well identical to the Chrome extension, which isn't a surprise -- Opera 11 and Chrome (and Safari) extensions are more or less wrappers around Web code. It was likely a pretty easy undertaking to port LastPass for Chrome to Opera.

We've added LastPass to our collection of 10+ handy Opera 11 extensions -- it definitely deserves a spot on the list.

Thanks to all our Opera users who tipped us!

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